Cost Risk Analysis

What is Cost Risk Analysis?

Integrated Cost Histogram
Ready to move beyond the old “rule-of-thumb” contingency allocation methods?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a cost risk analysis that is able to provide a better understanding of the drivers of cost uncertainty in your project?

Monte Carlo cost risk analysis is a mathematically based approach to the calculation of project cost contingency requirement that can also help understand the drivers / factors that will likely effect project cost outcomes.

Monte Carlo cost simulation creates a risked estimate that provides fully auditable inputs and outputs incorporating both cost range uncertainties and cost risk events.

Our Cost Risk Analysis Services

Cost Uncertainty Drivers
At RIMPL, we offer three main types of quantitative cost risk analysis services: Cost Risk Maturity Model Understanding the underlying causes of uncertainty is critical to the acceptance of the result of the analysis, but moreover, to the ability to identify and control cost risk within your project. Further, understanding cost risk drivers can help allocate and manage your cost contingency, and can help you identify over/under runs at an early stage.

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