Qualitative Risk Management & Analysis

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We’re all familiar with the basic concept and functions of qualitative risk management, but are you maximising the value from yours?

Is your organization proactive or reactive to risk? Are your systems and / or processes meeting your organizational needs?

At RIMPL, we work with your organization to facilitate outcomes optimised for your situation.

We understand the difference between “ticking the box” risk management, and value adding solutions that actually increase your chances of meeting your project objectives.

Our Qualitative Risk Management Services

We offer a broad range of qualitative risk management services including:
  • • Project risk context establishment including objectives, thresholds, definitions and matrices
  • • Risk rating and identification workshop facilitation using our purpose designed RiskWorkshopIntegrator hardware / software solution;
  • • Risk treatment / mitigation including pre and post mitigation assessments of probability, impact, and consequence;
  • • Risk treatment effectiveness and semi quantitative cost benefit analysis;
  • • Risk management system / procedure rollouts tailored to your organization’s needs and the standards of ISO31000;
  • • Corporate risk management talks and education sessions tailored to suit your target audience.
In addition to our consulting services, we also offer secondments of risk management personnel to complement or mentor your existing project risk management team. Risk Response Strategy

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