Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd

Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd

About Us

Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd is a specialist risk management and risk analysis consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We service clients throughout Australia as well as internationally, with a special focus on project risk management & analysis.

We typically service projects in the mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, and engineering construction sectors, and have strong experience working for both owner and contractor clients. However, our services are equally applicable to Information & Communication Technology (ICT) projects, or any projects that are risky, costly, or time-sensitive.

Our experienced team have applied our scalable services offering to projects ranging from a few million dollars to well in excess of 20 billion dollars of capital value.

Our Services

Our services offering is broadly divided into the categories of Qualitative Risk ManagementQuantitative Risk Analysis, as well as Risk Training & Advisory Services.

We have a particular focus on project Cost Risk Analysis and Schedule Risk Analysis, and we’re advanced exponents of Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis methodology.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Contract Project Services, we also provide skilled project controls and strategic project advisory services and personnel

Risk Management / Analysis Methodology

Further information regarding our risk management and risk analysis methodologies can be found in the Knowledge Base pages of this website. A series of Newsletters and Published Articles are also available for viewing. Alternately, Contact us today to understand how we can help you successfully deliver your project objectives!

Latest News
November-2019 - RIMPL Gold Sponsor of PC Expo at MCG on 26Nov19

November-2019 - Preparation of Working Paper on Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

October-2019 - Review of Cost Time Risk & Contingency Guideline Document

August-2019 - Parametric+Expected Value (P+EV) Contingency assessment for highway re-alignment

July and August-2019 - P+EV Contingency Assessment & Schedule Risk Analysis for Coking Coal project

July-2019 - Parametric + Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (P+IRA) Paper presented

June-2019 - Full Parametric + Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis for Pharmaceutical Project

January through July 2019 - Parametric+Expected Value (P+EV) Contingency assessments for small mining projects

September-2018 - QRA of Natural Gas Debottleneck Project

June-18 - Support of Visit to Australia by John K Hollmann

May-18 to First Quarter 2019 - Pharmaceutical Plant project QRA Services Engagement

April-18 to December 2018 - Lithium Project QRA Services Engagement

March-18 - Defence Support Services Panel

February-18 - John K Hollmann appoints RIMPL to represent him in Australia and New Zealand, coming to Australia

January-18 - Gateway Review & Project Audits

December-17 - Risk Management of Rail Project; Project Controls and Risk Management for Marine Project

October-17 - Expert Witness role on Megaproject

June-17 - RIMPL Completes QRAs over Dulux project life cycle

November-16 - RIMPL Completes SRA Roles in Successful Train Sets Tenders

February-16 - Senior Client Praise for RIMPL's collaborative modelling work

December-15 - Coal Seam Gas FEED Project

27-Nov-15 - Appointment of RIMPL to Government Advisory Panels

May-15 - Oil & Gas Exploration Project

March-15 - Coal Seam Gas FEED Project

29-Jan-15 - Manufacturing Project

10-Sep-14 - Gas Condensates Project

12-Sep-14 - International Conferences

18-July-14 - KnowledgeBase - Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

14-April-14 - Latest Newsletter issued


25-Sept-13 - New Contract Awarded - Pre-feasiblilty study of mine process facility

7-Aug-13 - New Contract Awarded - Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Investment Revenue Stream

24-May-13 - KnowledgeBase - Schedule Risk Analysis

19-Apr-13 - New Contract awarded - SRA Training Services

16-Apr-13 - Knowledge Base goes live!

05-Apr-13 - New Contract awarded - Analysis of FEED Projects

25-Mar-13 - New Contract awarded - Hydrocarbon Exploration

21-Mar-13 - New Contract awarded - Construction Tender

16-Mar-13 - Announcing Launch of Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd